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   Our Market Timing Indicator is


   On Sep-20, the alert level for is set to 20090.84 (If the TSX closes below this value, the timing indicator will generate a new signal).

  • When our Market Timing Indicator is UP, we assume it is safe to buy and hold stocks.
  • When our Market Timing Indicator is DOWN, we advise not to hold stocks and to stay cash.

   To download the history of our Market Timing Indicator and its alert level since 2004, right-click the following icon and select the option to save this link as a file:


   Following the markets drop in the summer 2008, we have put into place a Market Timing indicator in October 08. This indicator, added on top of our portfolios, helps to reduce volatility by a big margin.

   Check on the following graph how our portfolios are affected by the addition of our Market Timing Indicator. See how the blue equity curve experiences a lower volatility.

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   Note: Whereas the underlying portfolios data have been recorded live, the indicator signals before October 08 have been simulated. Indicator signals after October 08 have been recorded live.


   We are still in the process of integrating this indicator in our website. In the mean time, you can get more information by reading the following threads on our forum:

   The indicator is now part of our emails. If you want to receive our market timing in your daily emails, please log in your member's page to check the associated setting.

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