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   We, at SuperStockPicker.com, think that your personal information is very important and we share your concerns about your online privacy. Here is below the policy we follow to protect your privacy.


   Personal Information

  • We collect information directly from you during the registration process: firstname, lastname, password and email address.
  • We use cookies when you browse our website.
  • We store your IP address when your register to our forum.


  • We use your personal information to serve you and to personalize your experience with our website.
  • Cookies are used to identify you when you are logged on our website.
  • We also use cookies to track our visitors' behavior in order to generate statistics used for the management of this website.
  • We never sell or rent your email address to third parties, except for our co-registration offers. If you opt-in for one of the offers proposed on that page, we will communicate your name and email address with the partners you have selected.
  • We send emails to your address accordingly to the settings you have defined in your account.

   Your Privacy Rights

  • You may request access to your personal information that we hold about you.
  • You may request not to receive information from us about any service or product.
  • You can make any of these requests from within your account or by email at

   How To Contact Us


   Write to us at:
   Agnosoft SENC
   876, 55th Avenue
   Lachine - QC
   H8T 3B6

   Or you can also email us.

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