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Canadian Interlisted Stocks on both American and Canadian stock exchanges
With the help of this exclusive list, you can access the wealth of information available on interlisted companies on American stock exchanges to enhance your research before buying your favorite Canadian stocks! [May 08 2020]
Nicolas Darvas's trades
Here is the progression of Darvas's trades to $2 million. [February 24 2008]
Nicolas Darvas - How I Made $2,000,000 in the Stock Market
How I Made $2,000,000 in the Stock Market by Nicolas Darvas is reviewed by Marco den Ouden. [December 22 2007]
Stock market investing - the November syndrome
The November Syndrome is a short-lived annual investment opportunity that most people are too confused to notice, much less appreciate. Simply put, get out there and buy the November lows and wait for the periodic and mysterious January Effect to happen. [November 28 2007]
The Dow, your portfolio, and Aliens
Most investment portfolios do have both a set of reasonable goals and a plan for moving in their direction. Performance is a measure of this movement toward our objectives and it is generally considered a long-term, personal proposition. Wall Street has created its own definition of performance, one that has nothing to do with the structure and design of your portfolio. [October 17 2007]
Stock and bond trading as a conservative investment strategy
Trading is the world's oldest form of commercial activity, and it is unfortunate that it is treated with such disrespect by our dysfunctional tax code. It is even more unfortunate that it is looked at askance by client attorneys and brokerage firm compliance officers. Trading does not have to be done quickly to be productive, and it doesn't have to focus on higher risk securities to be profitable. [May 29 2007]
March investment madness: the Financial Final Four
Revered Blue Chips (and Blue Devils) fall from grace on the financial hardwood and unknown Cinderellas gain fame and financial fortune with upset victories in both venues. In basketball and in finance, the road to the final four is paved with four principles. If you recognize the importance of the Financial Final Four, you can insure that your investing experience will get you to The Big Dance in style... [March 27 2007]
Year end investment ideas and KISS tax strategies
First thing Monday morning I´m going to march into my boss´s office and demand a pay cut so that I´ll be in a lower tax bracket. The key issue in considering a capital loss is the economic viability of the investment... not your tax situation! Surely, speaketh the Conventional Wisdom prophets, these profits will hang around until next year, thus deferring those terrible taxes! (Worked real well at year-end ´99, you´ll recall.) [November 16 2006]
Asset allocation: investment management without mutual funds
Establish a profit-taking target for every security you purchase. Avoid unrealized gains, embrace volatility, increase annual income, and remember that all key investment moments are only visible in rear view mirrors. Keep in mind that you need income to pay the bills, and examine market value numbers at intelligent intervals. [September 29 2006]
Real estate investing: no lawyers, no debt, no plungers
Real estate investing is not nearly as legally complicated, financially burdensome, or time consuming as you might think. The benefits of this form of Real estate investing vs. ownership of the properties themselves should be clear: no attorneys; no debt; no maintenance; no problem. [August 12 2006]
Stock market window dressing: the art of looking smart!
At least four times per year, security prices are more a function of institutional marketing practices than they are a reflection of the economic forces that (we would like to think) are their primary determining factors. Do you remember the "Circle of Gold" chain letter from the seventies? [July 12 2006]
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