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Lynch and Buffet methods can pose serious threats to the average investor
The investment strategies of Peter Lynch and Warren Buffett were created with the set of knowledge and experience unique to Peter Lynch and Warren Buffet. What has worked for them may not necessarily work for the average investor. [December 16 2005]
Investment management - Income portfolios
You donít have to be a professional Investment Manager to professionally manage your investment portfolio, but you do need to have a long term plan and know something about Asset AllocationÖ a portfolio organization tool that is often misunderstood and almost always improperly used within the financial community. Remember, your unhappiness is Wall Streetís most coveted asset. Donít humor them. [December 02 2005]
Profitability of short selling
Only a handful of studies have looked at returns on short selling. Of these studies, most demonstrate that this investment strategy, as applied in the American markets, is a profitable one. [November 25 2005]
Why small caps are more profitable than big caps
Some researchers have proposed an extremely interesting explanation for this phenomenon related to accessibility of information on a company. The suggestion of a correlation between the size of stock and the difficulty obtaining information on it is, in my opinion, one of the most intriguing insights to date. [November 23 2005]
Income investing: selecting the right stuff
When is 3 percent better than 6 percent? Higher Interest Rates are good for investors, even better than lower rates. Selecting the right securities to take advantage of the interest rate cycle is not particularly difficult, but it does require a change in focus. [November 17 2005]
Understanding fixed income securities: expectations
Wall Street pumps out products and Investment Experts rationalize strategies that cloud the simple rules governing the behavior of what should be an investorís retirement blankie. The investment gods have spoken: "The market price of Fixed Income Securities shall vary inversely with Interest Rates, both actual and anticipated... and it is good." [November 10 2005]
Finding bargains among dividend stocks
Geraldine Weiss doesnít hesitate to use basic principles of technical analysis in her investment strategy, and she particularly favours the use of charts to obtain a good overview of a stockís behaviour in the market. [November 09 2005]
The growth style according to GARP
The GARP approach is a happy marriage between growth and value styles. [October 21 2005]
Déjŗ vu, all over again (and again...)
Market Corrections can be good for the wallet! Corrections are part of the normal "shock market" menu, and can be brought about by either bad news or good news. If you donít love corrections (and deal with them like visiting relatives) you really donít understand the financial markets. Donít be insulted, it seems as though very few financial professionals want you to see it this way. [October 13 2005]
Persistent winners among exchange traded funds
A strategy that could make these funds outperform benchmark indexes by 5% per year. [October 05 2005]
Dealing with market corrections: ten dos and don'ts
A correction is a beautiful thing, simply the flip side of a rally, big or small. As long your cash flow continues unabated, the change in market value is merely a perceptual issue. [October 04 2005]
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