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   Our team has over 10 years of experience following international stock markets (New York, Toronto, Paris and Brussels). We have studied many strategies to finally create our stock pick software, the Super Stock Picker.
   In 2004, we created Agnosoft. Helped by our computer science skills, we have designed an automated system that implements the best strategies to build high-performance Canadian stock portfolios you can find on this stock research website. Based on data about stock price, earning estimates, analyst consensus and recommendation and technical analysis, our Super Stock Picker selects the list of Canadian stocks we buy and sell in our portfolios.


   The Super Stock Picker runs every night with freshly updated data and picks the best Canadian stocks to generate buy or sell orders on the following day for each portfolio.
   Therefore, our members who have subscribed to a portfolio receive by email the copy of the orders generated by the Super Stock Picker before the opening of the Toronto Stock Exchange.
   On our side, to manage the performance of our portfolios, we register the sell and buy actions using the closing price of the stocks of the day the order is issued.


   If you are looking for information you can't find on this website or if you want to send us some feedback about our stock research web site, don't hesitate to contact our support at the following address: or use the following form:

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  • What is Super Stock Picker?   back to top
    This is a stock pick software that screens Canadian stocks automatically. Therefore, after choosing some criteria that have proven to be successful, it will find some new stocks for which we can expect the same performance as the one previously screened out.
    Indeed, whereas past performances are not a guarantee of future success, the main difficulty in investing successfully, is to be able to repeat a choice that has proven to be successful. Our system finds repetitively those stocks that meet the criteria chosen for the corresponding portfolio.

  • What are the criteria used to build the portfolios?   back to top
    Each portfolio gets its own set of criteria, which are a mix of price performances, earnings estimates, analyst recommendations, technical indicators and fundamental values. Of course, each portfolio has a different set of criteria and we can not give the details of them. But check the page that describes a portfolio and you will find a brief description of the criteria ruling that portfolio.

  • How often is the data updated?   back to top
    The data on this web site are updated daily during the night and emails are sent to the members before the opening of the Toronto stock exchange i.e. before 9:30 AM EST.

  • Is it free to be a member?   back to top
    Yes. It is totally free to be a member of this web site. We don't make any revenue from the memberships, but from the advertising displayed on this web site.

  • What do you do with the members' email addresses?   back to top
    We don't make any money reselling the email addresses of our members nor do we send spam to our members. We only use the members' email addresses to send the daily orders related to the portfolios the members have chosen to follow. On another hand, we can also send occasional free offers to the members who have selected this option. In case you don't want to receive those free offers anymore, just go to your member page, and change the associated setting.

  • How do I unsubscribe from your list?   back to top
    To unsubscribe, you can log into your account and you'll find at the bottom of the page a button to cancel your registration. Additionally, we also accept request by email. You can to write to us and indicate that you want to be removed from our mailings. Then, we will proceed and delete your record from our database.

  • I have deleted the validation email and I can't register anymore, what can I do?   back to top
    The validation of your email address is mandatory as we need to be sure that this address is an existing one and that nobody has tried to register with your address in order to spam you. Now, if you have done the registration with an email address that you have not been able to validate, it is not possible to register again with the same address as long as it is still in our database. If you do not validate this address within 7 days after your registration, your record is then automatically purged from our database and you can then register again with the same address. In case you are in a hurry, you can write to us at the address you find on this page and we may be able to do the purge by hand.

  • I have never received any validation email.   back to top
    A validation email is automatically sent to you when you register on this web site, or when you change the email address you are registered with. The first issue that can prevent you from receiving this email is your spam filter. Please check your filter settings and your filtered directory, our email may be lost in there. The second issue is if you have provided a wrong email address during your registration. In this case, just try to register again and take good care of the email address you provide.

  • I did everything you told me but I can't validate my email.   back to top
    If you have followed step by step the instructions we have sent you in the validation address email, then most probably, the email address you are trying to validate had been registered more than 7 days ago. In this case, as mentioned in the registration confirmation page, your record has been deleted from our database. You can then restart the registration process again, and validate your email address within 7 days.

  • When I try to to subscribe to a new portfolio, nothing appears on my screen, the same page reloads again and again?   back to top
    The fact that a page reloads when you click on a portfolio subscription link is expected BUT it should at the same time open a pop-up window with the portfolio subscription information in it. Do you have a pop-up blocker installed on your machine? This could be the source of your problem.

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