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January 22, 2019
Low PEG Ratio+
 Portfolio Inception Date
 April 15, 2005

 S&P/TSX Composite Index

 Portfolio Objectives
 To provide a long-term total return above the benchmark index by investing in Canadian stocks selected by the Super Stock Picker system, a rigorous and disciplined approach to stock selection based on their low peg ratio.

  • The Low PEG Ratio+ portfolio duplicates the Low PEG Ratio portfolio when the Market Timing Indicator is UP and is 100% cash when the indicator is DOWN. Note that the indicator signals are recorded live only since October 08. This approach is based on the Super Stock Picker system that automatically and systematically manages this portfolio, it:
    • Uses a clearly defined investment process.
    • Provides diversification by investment style, including both growth and value stocks from the Canadian market.
    • Does not change based on market conditions or investment trends.
  • Canadian stocks are selected based on research of the Toronto Stock Exchange from 2003 onwards.

 Return Since Inception

Strategy Return Since Inception
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 Company And Performance

 As our Market Timing Indicator is currently UP , this portfolio duplicates the holdings of the Low_PEG_Ratio:

 Torex Gold Resources -49.09 % TSX:TXG  
 Paramount Resources Limited -43.53 % TSX:POU  
 Western Energy Services -61.32 % TSX:WRG  
 Dundee Precious Metals 24.31 % TSX:DPM  
 Russel Metals Inc. -10.87 % TSX:RUS  
 Africa Oil Corp. -11.54 % TSX:AOI  
 Touchstone Exploration Inc. -35.29 % TSX:TXP  
 Athabasca Oil Sands Corp. -32.89 % TSX:ATH  
 Husky Energy Inc. -17.36 % TSX:HSE  
 Gran Tierra Energy -14.44 % TSX:GTE  
 Semafo Inc. -3.56 % TSX:SMF  
 Precision Drilling Corporation 12.24 % TSX:PD  
 Encana Corporation 17.43 % TSX:ECA  
 Silvercorp Metals Inc -5.57 % TSX:SVM  
 Cascades Inc. -1.73 % TSX:CAS  
 Bombardier Inc. -2.37 % TSX:BBD-B  
 Polaris Infrastructure Inc 2.29 % TSX:PIF  

 * You can get all the historical orders since the portfolio's inception.
 ** The performances shown in the table are since the initial recommendation in the underlying portfolio that does not use the Market Timing Indicator.

 Compounded Returns

Strategy Monthly Compounded Returns
  Note: 3-year and since inception returns are annualized.

 Sector Mix

Strategy Sector Mix

 Historical Orders Since Inception

 All buy and sell orders generated to build this portfolio since inception can be found here.
Strategy Volatility Classification
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